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Cantoo is an intelligent school assistant to support each student in their experience in elementary, middle and high school. The software brings together more than twenty tools designed to support students in each subject, whatever their specific needs.

Cantoo Scribe rethinks inclusive education and gives everyone the same opportunity to succeed. One and only solution to make digital at school an accessibility issue for all: this is the whole commitment of Cantoo Scribe.

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Cantoo Scribe, supported and certified by National Education

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GAR compatibility

Secure and guaranteed data protection for students and teachers.

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An ENT solution

ENT certified so that information relating to students' education is centralized in one place.

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Rigorous GDPR regulations for the management of personal data and total transparency on storage.

Software designed for elementary, middle and high school

Cantoo Scribe was designed specifically for students and teachers, with the active participation of certified health professionals, teachers, parents and children.

Intuitive interface keeping only the essentials

Automatic synchronization for use at school and at home

A management dashboard for schools

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And that's for all subjects!

We have designed a tool capable of supporting students and teachers throughout the school program. We are available to think together about how to equip your establishment with or without a gradual transition.

From elementary to high school, Cantoo Scribe fits into a digital school for progress and facilitation for all. You too, join the Cantoo Family!

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Why want to change the students when you can adapt the tools?

The start of a new vision: rethinking inclusive education.

Offer the same tools to each student, while leaving the possibility for each to adapt the functionalities according to their specific needs. Our project allows all young people to learn and practice with the same opportunities. The solution is the same for everyone, but adapts to everyone. Could a new vision of inclusive education be underway?

Self-confidence should no longer depend on tools

Living with one or more DYS disorder often causes difficulties that can affect students' learning and integration, sometimes going so far as to question their abilities. At Cantoo, we want to demonstrate that a DYS disorder should never be able to take away a child's trust in it. We believe there are tools that can really help them do this, and maybe even make a difference.

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Our prices for schools

Contact us to discuss your needs and how you want to integrate Cantoo Scribe in your school. Custom-made solutions are possible according to your needs and your objectives.

Shall we discuss it together?