Cantoo Scribe is DYS FRIENDLY!

A solution designed to meet the needs of DYS in school!

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Our commitment to DYS children

Our wish is to allow each student to bring out their potential by using solutions that adapt to each individual's particularities. DYS disorders occupy an important place in our schools. It is time for everyone to be able to move forward in complete freedom. Our mission is now a daily commitment: everyone must have the same chances to succeed!


Autonomous children at school and at home

Tools to allow students to improve their schooling without the necessary intervention of teachers or ergos


One software for all classroom needs

No more software for taking a course! Cantoo Scribe is an "all-in-one" toolbox


Rediscover ease of reading and writing

Parameters to adapt the display of texts, without forgetting the vocal synthesis and recognition


Simplified course organization

No need to manage and find files anymore, it's done automatically. No more lost loose sheets!


Dedicated specifically to the school experience

No office tools at school! It's as simple as a paper notebook, no additional adaptation


Relieve the student through computer facilitation

Attractive and stimulating interface. The child has more motivation to interact and flourish

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Co-built with healthcare professionals

To meet the needs of students with DYS disorders, we have been working with health professionals from the very conception of the project. Features are designed, tested and approved alongside specialist teachers and DYS people themselves. The goal? To be as close as possible to reality and needs, for all disorders, for all children!

DYS disorders and their particularities

To support children with learning disabilities, it is important to understand each of these peculiarities. Whether they are DYS or multi DYS, these children deserve to be immersed in each of their needs

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Reading disorder manifested by difficulty in identifying letters, syllables or words.

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Gesture disorder inducing difficulty in performing specific movements (pathological clumsiness).

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Numerical learning disorder, more specifically related to the calculation and perception of numbers.

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Writing disorder related to difficulty in performing graphic and drawing gestures.

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Written expression disorder causing difficulty in writing words with the correct spelling.

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Communication disorder relating to difficulties in oral language and in constructing sentences.

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Disorder characterized by symptoms of inattention, impulsivity and uncontrolled motor restlessness.

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Many learning disabilities are still unrecognized and are being studied for better support.

Multiple functionalities for DYS

So that everyone can learn at their own pace


Vocal synthesis

Request a sentence or text to be read at any time at the speed that suits you


Speech Recognition

Dictate any text to the voice assistant so that he writes it automatically and simply


Configurable interface

Choose to display only useful features as needed, in a visual and simplified way


Colorization of elements

Colorization of syllables, lines or words for better reading and writing fluency


Text adaptation

A syllabic division to better differentiate between words and letters, making reading easier


Adaptation of spacings

Manage the spacing between letters and line spacing to better recognize characters


Simplified interface

Easy display of all features for quick and intuitive day-to-day use

dyslexiaAttention disorders

Automatic organization

Structuring and classifying courses to keep full control of their daily management


Colors and contrasts

Possible interface adjustment to increase contrast and visual comfort for everyone on a daily basis


Cantoo Scribe, that changes everything!

Students, parents and health professionals share their experiences:


Marc, Léa's parent, testifies:

"Cantoo Scribe made homeworks easier"

The software is very easy to use. It is intended for my 9-year-old visuospatial dyspraxic son in Level 1 and because of its ergonomics and ease of use, it is totally suitable for classroom use and ideal for elementary school. "


Occupational therapist Anne Wecker testifies:

"Cantoo Scribe is really suitable for DYS children"

I offer the software to children who are already taking all their lessons on the computer. For math, however, until now there was nothing satisfactory. The software is very intuitive, very easy to use

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Cantoo is the story of a committed team who believe that nothing is impossible and that the only barriers that exist are those that we impose on ourselves. Technology and innovation is our field of possibilities. We create with passion to contribute to the positive and caring construction of the school of tomorrow.

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