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Cantoo supports health professionals

The school of tomorrow is built with everyone's unique characteristics!

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Cantoo Scribe is co-built with healthcare professionals

We have never advanced so far in our studies and our developments as with the experience of professionals supporting young people in their learning at school and at home. Following our discussions with teachers, parents, children but also many health professionals specializing in DYS disorders (speech therapists, occupational therapists, school life assistants), we have designed this solution to support each young person in the improving their school life. It is now possible to make digital technology accessible to everyone, whatever the specific need (or not) of the student.

Today we meet a lot of professionals eager to learn more about Cantoo Scribe. And you ? Will you join the Cantoo Family? :)

Features co-built with healthcare professionals:

A dual interface

A dual interface

A single workspace to manage the writing of the courses and the practice of the methodology. On one screen, the child takes notes, practices, corrects, learns and starts over. And that changes everything !


No need to navigate between several windows, everything is visible in a single screen. Student consultation improves and the simplified visualization of the tools facilitates its use.
Embed PDFs and annotate them

Embed PDFs and annotate them

The student can insert a PDF document anywhere in their lesson with one click and add their own or the teacher's notes to it. Everything is now in one place on one tool.


Reassure the child and facilitate his daily management by simplifying his workspace and by compiling all his methodological tools in one place.
Vocal synthesis and speech recognition

Vocal synthesis and speech recognition

A great help to facilitate the learning of reading and writing. The student can activate the reading of a text or request that it be written automatically. A feature available at all times.


Restore the pleasure of reading and writing to young people by offering them continuous or occasional help. The child progresses and is no longer discouraged
Automatic organization

Automatic organization

Cantoo Scribe organizes lessons by subject and by chapter and allows each lesson to be reopened in the last open place. No more filing folders and files, everything is fully managed and organized automatically.


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I am a DYS kid and I have the same tools as everyone else at school and at home!

Cantoo Scribe is able to equip an entire classroom with the same solution, from elementary to high school. The digital notebook does nothing for the student, it accompanies him to bring all his personal tools together in one place. Whether or not he has DYS disorder, children live their school experience like everyone else and progress with the features they need. Personalization is quick and getting started is a snap!

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Cantoo Scribe accompanies you

Discover our Cantoo Scribe user kit

We have produced a kit for healthcare professionals to quickly understand all the possibilities and functions of the solution. To recommend us or simply discover, all the essentials are listed here.

Cantoo Scribe, the new name of MathEOS, more complete and more efficient, for those who already know us :)

A solution with multiple functionalities, for all young people!

Software designed specifically for children and for school.

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Join the Cantoo Family

Joining the adventure means being part of a family created as a crossroads of unique encounters: parents, students, testers, designers, partners, health professionals and teachers! The Cantoo Family has access to our secret Facebook group, advice, thematic meetings, practical supports, ebooks, discussions & debates and always with kindness and good humor. And that's without counting the energy of our great team to support the rest of your journey with us! :)

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Cantoo Scribe funding aid

There is assistance allowing families to benefit from support for the financing of solutions dedicated to the management of their children's disorders. It is therefore necessary to follow procedures in connection with the Academic Inspectorate and the Departmental House of Handicapped Persons (MDPH). To help you support families, Cantoo can support you and give you step by step the steps to follow.


Occupational therapist Anne Wecker testifies:

"Cantoo Scribe is really suitable for DYS children"

I offer the software to children who are already taking all their lessons on the computer. For math, however, until now there was nothing satisfactory. The software is very intuitive, very easy to use

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